DC Fringe: Titus X

If you know your Shakespeare, and you can only see one show at Fringe, see Titus X. I saw it at 1045pm, and the cast has SO much energy - it's infectious.

Fringe favorite Shawn Northrip returns to DC with his original, critically acclaimed punk musical, Titus X. Inspired by the DC music scene of Northrip's youth and based on Shakespeare's nastiest play, punk and Shakespeare go together like Sid and Nancy.
(from the show's page on the DC Fringe website)

It is the story of the Andronicus family and their involvement with the government of Rome. This performance, however, puts it in the punk rock world, and it fits. It fits perfectly. With a cast of 7, a 3-man band, and one Bassanius dummy, the story is played out as a concert, with a set list including "Mind Fuck", "Sweet Lavinia" and "Death Pie". Jason Stiles is an enigmatic and handsome Titus Andronicus who is a tad forgetful of all of his children's names - he had 26 children, so can you blame him? Kevin Duffin is the sleazy Saturninus (just one of his many roles), and dons hightop Chuck Taylors and a ruffled shirt along with two belts and a sleeveless trench coat - very punk rock chic. Duffin also plays Martius Andronicus, Demetrius and a messenger. No one has more to do than Cesar A. Guadamuz, who plays Lucius Andronicus, Quintus Andronicus, Young Lucius Andronicus, Bassanius, and Chiron. Admirably, each character is different from the rest. Though the play is decidedly modern, the actors do break into Shakespeare's actual text now and again, and all of the dialogue is more or less based on the script. It is a fun way to see Shakespeare without losing any of the storyline.

Remaining performances:
July 12, 2pm
July 16, 930pm
at The Warehouse Theatre Mainstage, 1021 7th St NW
Tickets $15 (plus $5 Fringe button if you don't already have one)

5 stars


Anonymous said…
Since you wrote such nice things about "Titus X" I hope you'll check out my new show "An Adaptation of Julius Caesar" and then say nice things about it too.


Best wishes,

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