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The Comedy of Errors, Shakespeare Theatre Company

There comes a moment when every theatre critic has to wonder if they have unwittingly cultivated untold powers, transforming words into reality. Or maybe that's just me. In any case, when I saw Alan Paul's fantastic production of Kiss Me, Kate at the Shakespeare Theatre Center back in November of 2015, I wrote these very words describing the rapture I felt watching Robyn Hurder's Bianca stop the show with "Tom, Dick, or Harry":
 I couldn't stop myself from laughing in absolute delight (and I wasn't the only one- the audience around me was just as audibly charmed), and by intermission, was already planning how to incorporate tap into ALL Shakespeare (ask me about my plans for tap and King Lear!)
Smash cut to October 2018 and Alan Paul's production of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors for the Shakespeare Theatre Company, and the show begins with a rousing song and dance number composed by Michael Dansicker and choreographed by Karma Camp. Have my dre…

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