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Two Minutes' Traffic: Bedlam's Saint Joan, Folger Theatre

I make no bones about saying it- Eric Tucker makes the kind of theatre that I like to see.  As a director, his productions have a relentless, joyous mission to remind you that they are theatre, and it's an attitude towards playmaking that I wish more companies embraced. I was lucky enough to see Bedlam's rep of Saint Joan and Hamlet at the Olney Theatre Center a few years back, as well as Tucker's production of Sense and Sensibility last season (which I adored), and it was a pleasure to see Joan at the Folger. 

Joan is a play that Bedlam has returned to many times since it was Bedlam's inaugural production in 2012, but each production is unique. In some cases, that's a necessity of staging for a new space--Joan in a black box at Olney is a different experience to Joan in the Folger's lovely Elizabethan theatre, even when both productions share the same vulnerability of placing Shaw's enormous work on the shoulders of just four actors, two tape players, and a…

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