DC Fringe: Cabaret CooCoo

Cabaret CooCoo
Happenstance Theater

Venue: The Mountain - at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

Remaining Performances
Jul 11th 8 pm
Jul 16th 6 pm
Jul 17th 8 pm
Jul 25th 4 pm

Their description: Classy acts! Captivating Characters! Hosted by Guitar Prodigy Scooter Undercroft, Featuring Izzy and Diz Aster Singing Cheery Songs of the Great Depression, Nicolo the Juggling Accordionist, the Amazing Illusionist Catastrafi, Hotsy-Totsy Dancing Cigarette Girls, the Melodious Pit band, and surprise(d) guests! 60 minutes

The zany physical comedians of Happenstance Theater bring us a night of vaudeville where everything seems to go wrong. The evening’s MC, Scooter Undercroft (Scott Burgess) finds out via telegram that the main attraction will not be showing up. The rest of the performers scamper around in order to fill in. Anchored by the performance of Mark Jaster, who makes an art out of confusion and awkwardness, the show will have you giggling as the hotsy totsy cigarette girls’ bodies take over their own dance (Maia DeSanti, Gwen Grastorf, Hannah Nielsen-Jones), as the Amazing Catastrafi (Karen Beriss) resorts to taking off her own finger when her set is going badly, and as Izzy and Diz Aster fight and reconcile onstage all while singing their cheery songs from the Great Depression.

4 stars


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