DC Fringe: Irish Authors Held Hostage

Irish Authors Held Hostage
J. T. Burian Theatricals

Venue: The Bodega - at The Trading Post

Remaining performances:
Jul 16th 7 pm
Jul 25th 11 pm
Jul 26th 2:15 pm

Their description: It's back! The war on terror takes a hilarious turn as Irish authors from the ages are kidnapped by terrorists of every stripe. Expect no victims in this wicked romp that lampoons beloved writers and hated terrorists, or vice versa. 85 minutes

This play is a series of eleven clever skits in which various Irish authors are held hostage by various terrorists. Playwright John Morogiello fills the script with witty silliness (or is it silly wittiness?) as Oscar Wilde makes an Arab terrorist question his sexuality, James Joyce talks nonsense to a delighted gun fanatic, the over-winded George Bernard Shaw explains to a Mexican drug lord the crime of poverty, and Frank and Malachy McCourt play “who had the worst childhood” with a Somali pirate.

This play was last seen in Washington in 2006, and the experience of the cast (Terence Aselford, Lori Boyd, Terence Heffernan, and Morogiello) is clear in the current production. They are absolutely comfortable with each other, and their performances and deliveries are tight. It’s possible the script is a sketch or two too long, but it’s also possible that it’s the perfect length if seen in air conditioning.

4 stars


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