Jules is justified

Not that I ever actually worry about whether other people like the things I like. Case in point, today I wear sparkly red shoes, a bright red coat, and something akin to a sailor suit underneath. I like it. So there.

And (sorry for beginning a sentence with a connective) after numerous effusive posts about plays I suspect everyone thinks 'oh Jules writes more over indulgent tosh'. But no! Wait! Other people agree with me!! Huzzar!!

This week has seen the theatregoers choice awards in the UK. Whilst I was moderately disappointed the RSC Histories did not come in for more awards there were some pleasing results:

1. Katy Stephens won Best Actress award for her barnstorming Queen Margaret.

2. Kenneth Brannagh won Best Actor for his outstanding Ivanov. Also for best play!

3. David Tennant won an award just for being David Tennant. Well done him! As well as best play for Hamlet.

4. The ace Tom Hiddleston as chief sucker Cassio in Othello. (What a fine actor).

So there you have it. Feeling fully justified in my enthusiasm for the aforementioned , I shall now saunter off down the Georgian house lined hill toward the sea in my jaunty sailing outfit. Smugly.


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