Dog Sees God by The Little Theatre of Alexandria

This is a beautiful piece of theatre. It's well-cast and overall performed with skill, especially for a Fringe production. It's the story of a grown-up Charlie Brown (though thinly veiled as "C.B.") and his friends. They're now in high school and are dealing with much tougher problems and dealing with the consequences of their actions. It deals with many of the issues today's teenagers deal with - mental illness, homophobia, death, and friends changing as they grow up. I'd heard of the play before now but had never gotten the chance to see it, and I'm incredibly glad that I got to. A definite must-see. 4 stars.

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
by Bert V. Royal
directed by William D. Parker
starring Patrick M. Doneghy, Allison S. Galen, Silvan Melgar, Shawn G. Byers, Keith J. Miller, Nicole Jacobs, Kat Sanchez, and Jennifer Finch
at Redrum at Fort Fringe
performances dates are Friday 07/23 at 1030pm and Saturday 07/24 at 1130am


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