The Way of the World, The Shakespeare Theatre Company

This review has been a week in coming. I've sat around brainstorming, I've consulted with friends who've seen the production in question, I've read the reviews in print and on the web.

But in the end, my silence is almost as revealing as my words could be.

There was NOTHING to say. Tepid staging, lackluster performances, and a design aesthetic that managed to be both stultifyingly dull and frighteningly ugly.

I'm not sure where the missteps might have occured. Michael Kahn, the production's director, is the artistic manager of the Shakespeare Theatre for a reason. Andrew Long, who plays Mr. Fainall, is one of my very favorite DC actors. Jane Greenwood's costume designs are usually brilliant. And yet somehow, this team of magnificently talented artists assembled a night of theatre that utterly failed to impress.

I will set my eyes on the horizon of Twelfth Night and do my best to pretend last Sunday night never happened.


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