DC: Studio Theatre: A Beautiful View

Watching A Beautiful View, written and directed by Daniel MacIvor, was like sitting through a 75 minute master class in acting. Here is how you fill a pregnant pause with emotion, here is how you connect with the audience, here is how you fill seemingly banal conversation with meaning, here is how you listen and react to a fellow performer.

A Beautiful View follows two women (Jennifer Mendenhall and Kathleen Coons) through a thirty-year friendship and love affair. Mendenhall and Coons are wonderful, and their connection to each other and to the audience carries the play along. MacIvor writes with a deft tough, though the text does get slightly heavy-handed near the end. Still, the play achieves its objective, leaving us pondering the nature of relationships and how they can catch us by surprise.

Through November 2nd
4 Stars


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