So after the fabulous Histories which have been on over this side of the world and meeting fellow enthusiast of Shakespeare from the States I was asked, would I become the UK correspondent?

That sounds really very grand as a title, and I think I need it emblazoned upon a T-shirt at some time.

So here I am. I think it is fair to say that 'UK Correspondent' may be a little dramatic. England Correspondent would be more accurate, and if I am honest I mostly only go see classical theatre. So there will be a lot on Shakespeare and some other early modern dramatists, but not much Pinter (Hoorah!).

So with that as a fair warning I look forward to posting the odd missive here.

The histories have obviously been covered very well so I shan't enthuse about those any more. They were indeed spectacular.

I do hope my reviews are not too ponderous. If they are someone let me know and I shall attempt to make them a little more interesting.


belle said…
Yay! And hoorah for Jules :) I shall link this site forthwith and toast you with cakes and ale!

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