DC: Woolly Mammoth's Boom

A giant asteroid has just hit the earth, wiping out all existence, and leaving a poisonous dust cloud in its wake. But never fear, an enterprising young biology student, Jules (Aubrey Deeker), has lured journalism major Jo (Kimberly Gilbert) into his basement-lab-turned-bomb-shelter. Together they will repopulate the earth and save the species. There are just a couple problems. Jo is cranky and given to weird fainting spells, and hates children. Jules is a virgin. And gay.

But surely it will all work out in the end. After all, we aren’t watching something that is actually happening. We are watching a live action museum exhibit, run by the over zealous Barbara (Sarah Marshall). Barbara loves the story the exhibit tells us – the story of where we come from. According to museum management, she perhaps loves it too much.

Sound kooky? It is, and Boom, by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, adds up to a delightful evening at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre. How appropriate that a theatre named for an extinct species would bring us this story of global life and death.

Barbara, the museum docent, is the type of role Sarah Marshall is made for. Marshall brings her own special brand of touching quirkiness, which seems to always result in a character slightly out of this world, but yet completely believable and likable.

The role of Jo sits less well with Gilbert than parts she has played in the past. As a result, the character comes off one-note, and seems to remain for the entire play in a general state of shouted annoyance.

Deeker is quite successful as the awkward Jules. He is painfully earnest at times, and very funny when he tries to crack a joke, and then looks away sheepishly when he realizes that it has completely fallen flat.

Under the direction of John Vreeke and with design elements by Colin K. Bills, Neil McFadden and Ivania Stack (who know Woolly could do a thrust stage?), Boom is a fun, entertaining ninety minutes. If you go, you will have a good time.

Three stars
Through December 7th


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